Customer Shipment Entry Action Menu Grey

Hello all,

I have a Pack appearing as follows:
Stage - (blank)
Shipped - Unchecked
Status - Staged

The parts are in a PCID and have been physically shipped but not invoiced due to the Pack not being “Shipped.” All Serial Numbers are still sitting in my Shipping Bin and Sale Order line is Open.

I am familiar with how to Un-stage, un-freight, etc. to correct this but the CSE Action menu is all grey and I cannot see my Pack in StageShipConfirm.

What am I missing?

Thank you.

@TWooten Are there phantom packs?

Not to my knowledge. But so I don’t miss anything can you define “Phantom Packs?”

@TWooten When you have multiple packages for a shipment. They are under Manifest Info > Phantom Details. Some Actions are locked out once Phantoms have been added.

No sir.
Phantom Details table is blank.

After more investigation I discovered there was a Master Pack involved.
The state of the pack in question was “Staged” and the second Pack in the MP was “Invoiced.”
The ship dates were weeks apart. I’m not sure how that happened but suspect that a MP was created and then one of the Packs was shipped shipped outside of the MP. This left the other Pack “orphaned” and the MP “Freghted” so it could not be re-opened to removed the orphaned Pack.
This is just my suspicion as I have not tried to re-create and prove the theory.

EpiCare created a Data Fix to remove the orphaned Pack from the MP. Once that was done I simply shipped the Pack.

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