Customer Shipment Entry - Apply Charge

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Does anyone know where would this dollar entered on Handling -Apply Charge Field under customer shipment entry window goes?
I tried to follow it and expect to see it under Invoice but its not. Is this only a reference field?

It is my understanding that all of the fields under Manifest are only used for shipment integrations with UPS and FedEx.

If you want to use them for something else, you would have to create a customization.

If you need to add a handling charge, I recommend using a Misc Charge to do it.

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The apply charge will be a misc charge on the invoice. If you are using manifest/quick ship the apply charge will be added to/included in the freight amount.

I believe without manifest, it adds a separate misc charge to the invoice using the default shipping misc charge setup in company Config. Test this, Iā€™m going off my memory.

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