Customer Shipment Marked Complete did not close sales order

we’ve had some (not all) sales orders not auto closing lines/rel as expected this week.
the pack list line is marked shipped complete but the order remains open with 0 balance due. Any suggestions on where I can look to see why this is happening?

Hi Valorie,

Any chance you have something like this going on? Sales Order lines not closing after shipping by just one user

Also, looking at Part Transaction history tracker can show if they shipper was “fiddling” around with shipping the line for some reason; this can cause problems. Lastly, was there a partial shipment and then a complete quantity sent afterwards? I have seen problems with lines not closing due to this in the past. Do you have changelog on the shipment?


I did read that post and I don’t believe that to be our issue. I checked part transaction and there were no ins/outs or any indication that someone was marking complete/uncomplete or shipped/not shipped.

Yesterday we had orders ship and the ship quantity was not updated on the sales order, so I ran the refresh sales order quantities - which cleaned it up.

As i’m typing this i’m wondering if that process might have messed up some shipments that were in process? we were able to close the lines manually so not a big deal. I just hadn’t seen it before.