Customer Shipment TextBox Enable after Shipped Checkbox


I am seeking help making a customization on Customer Shipment Entry.Specifically I am trying to get a textbox onto the Summary Tab that behaves in the exact same manner as the Tracking Number Textbox. Epicor allows for the Tracking Number to be entered after a PackID has been ‘Shipped’ (Shipped checkbox set to true on summary tab) and Invoiced. This Tracking Number textbox is allways enabled regardless of the status of the PackID. I want to add a textbox bound to a UD field that behaves the same way. My issue is that when I put this textbox on the form (in any of the groups on the summary tab) and bind it to the UD, it gets disabled when the ‘Shipped’ checkbox is set to true. I know this is the expected behavior, but I would like to be able to enter data and save it to the shiphead table even when the ‘Shipped’ checkbox is set to true. We need to track some data that happens after the PackID is shipped and invoiced. The object is to not have to uncheck the shipped button ‘which tiggers other logic’ and be able to enter and save data to this UD field while the checkbox is still true.

I would like to find the cleanest way to achieve this and any help is much appreciated.

Joe M.

Without knowing the full behavior of the customer shipment form, would it be possible for you to create a simple updatable dashboard for this?

Cleanest way? I have no clue, I am more of a brute force kinda guy

Here’s your issue (form code):

 RowRule rule31 = new RowRule("ReadyToInvoice", RuleCondition.Equals, true);
        string[] exceptTheseColumns = new string[] { "ReadyToInvoice", "PackNum", "TrackingNumber" };
        rule31.AddAction(RuleAction.DisableRow(this, "ShipHead", exceptTheseColumns));

Everything is disabled when ready to invoice except: ReadyToInvoice, PackNum and TrackingNum

Destroy the row rule and recreate it adding your field?

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Brute indeed :joy: @Chris_Conn

Don’t over-write core logic unless you absolutely have to. The easiet least invasive thing to do is use an embedded ubaq or dashboard and do the update that way.
Or you could bind the textbox to one of the BPMData fields and do the update on a BPM

I’d go with Jose :blush:

Chris and Jose, Thanks for the input. I appologize for the delayed response here.

We are currently useing an uBAQ to get the job done for now.

I will steer clear of changeing the rowRule… for now anyway… i would like to test this out in our Dev environment… cause in the end this is exactly what we want… to add a UD filed that behave exactly as tracking number does in CustShipEntry.

I also tried binding the UD Field and have it fire pre-update, but this caused some issues with some other calls we do in other parts of the system… so this is on hold for now as well.

Thanks again.