Customer Tracker - where's my attachment?

Good Morning,
I have an attachment on my customer record, and can see it in Customer entry tree structure. However, in customer tracker, per below, I can only see it via the little paperclip asterisk icon. Many of our users are more experienced with seeing attachments in the tree. The dcoument type is setup for “expose in tree”.
Is there a setting on a table in the system that tells epicor in a program to show attachment in tree? I looked in menu tables but can’t find anything and thought I’d see if anyone here has found a variable at program open that makes the nodes shown or not. Many other trackers show the attachment nodes…I don’t know why customer tracker doesn’t. (E10.1.600.20)

Action Menu - > Attachements

That’s weird.

In Customer Entry I see a Personalization option

In Tracker, I see “Tree Options”

In fact, I don’t see any way to open Personalizations in the Tracker.

Yes, thanks Surendra ~ the problem with this is that we still don’t see the attachments in the tree structure for customer tracker. The users are so used to tree structure they don’t even notice actions nor little paperclip method…

Hi Calvin,
I can see personalizations under tools for customer tracker, but I don’t see any way to expose attachments in tree via personalization. The interface for customer tracker in my version is definitely not usual though… I wonder if your version has something wonky with it too.
To top it off, my options for some trackers show tree view options, but not the customer tracker… :frowning:

Well that was weird … The manager account in my Test environment had “Can Personalize” disabled.

Maybe I wasn’t clear.

The way I can makes changes to the Tree format in Customer Entry is with Tools -> Options and then the Tree View tab on the Options dialog (like you show)

In Customer Tracker, the Tools -> Options presents a dialog without a Tree View tab. I have to right click on Customer in the tree pane, and select Tree Options to bring up the Tree Options dialog - which is nothing like the Tree View tab in the Options dialog of Cust entry.

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We have this same issue right now, did they ever start showing up in the tree or is that functionality gone?


Hi Utah,

We still are on 10.1.600 and it never started showing up in the tree :frowning: