Customization, Add sheet Wizard, add dashboard with Retrieve Button

Hello all, I am trying to add a dashboard into quote entry with customization sheet wizard. I am in 10.2.500.
Here is my dashboard. and the way to add dashboard.

Quote number can be displayed in tracker view. However, when I click Retrieve button, I got Object reference not set to an instance of an object error.
This customization worked when I am in 10.0.400. After upgrade, the error popped up.
Any idea how to solve this problem? Thank you all in advance!

Click on the details button and provide the full error message and stack trace.

@xiaoting1 In 10.2.400 and maybe 500 the embedded dasnboard is broken. You can roll your own with a DynamicQueryAdapter bound to a grid activated with a button.

It is working in 2.400, did you add a filter in the dashboard to subscribe it to the UI data?
on the query make a filter QuoteNum = DashboardBrowse.
(rightclick on dashboard, Properties, Filter)
Not a condition on the grid view.

Thank you! added a Dashboard Browse filter worked!