Customization - Hide Unit Price in Receipt Entry

Hello all,

I am trying to create a custom receipt entry screen for the shop floor that does not show unit prices. I set the visibility of these fields to false and within the customization screen, they seem to be hidden:

HOWEVER, when I test by opening a closed receipt and pulling in the packslip, the fields come back into view. (They also reappear when someone enters a new packslip against receipt):


Can anybody suggest how I should approach hiding these 2 fields? (I know the price appears elsewhere in receipt entry as well but this is my starting point)



Just place an unbound control over them. Use an epiGroupBox with the title blank.

If you look close, you can see the boarder of the GroupBox

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Another option is to set the position to be off the screen (or outside the groupbox it is in)

The original Position of this control was 535,119. Adding a number like 1,000 to it makes it easy to change back.



Either of calvins suggestions should work (unless the base code brings those control back in front of the groupbox)

Another option might be to put code in AfterAdapter method (no specific method) to hide them again.

Thank you! This works like a charm.