Customization Invalid Binding messages

Hi There,


We have customized our sales order entry to provide additional tabs where we store technical data for our order lines in multiple UD tables.  We go along fine for awhile with no errors, customization has been validated / deployed fine.  Then all of the sudden the customization doesn't want to auto load and the users get a bunch of EpiUltraCombo has invalid binding to view UD04view, etc for many fields and other UD tables.  We are on Epicor 9.05.607B.  When I validate the customization in cust maint, I don't get any errors.


We do have some users with remote connection using terminal server computer, it seems like doing a reboot and clearing client cache helps sometimes.  However, very infrequently I have the same error occur with normal network connection.  Can anyone shed any thoughts on why a customization might not be loading ok and how I might bullet proof it?