Customization on Payment Entry - for maximum dollar per check

I need Vantage to create a new payment record (Check Header) when the invoices selected for a supplier exceed a maximum dollar amount. Our payments are being uploaded to create single use payment cards/credit card payments and need to be able to accommodate transaction $ limits that merchant service providers hold suppliers to.

I’ve added the maximum dollar amount per payment to the Vendor.Number10 field. As invoices are selected for payment, I need Vantage to create a new payment whenever the maximum amount per payment transaction is exceeded.

This would work very similar–but different–to the way the One Invoice Per Check field on the Supplier record works. The difference is that I would need to test the CheckHed.DocCheckAmt against the maximum amount BEFORE adding an invoice to the payment. And if it’s over the amount, initiate a new payment record.

At the moment, I’m most interested in finding the code that manages the One Invoice Per Check to use as a model. Specifically, I’m looking for the point at which Vantage creates a second check when 2 invoices are selected for a Supplier with the One Invoice Per Check field flagged and I’m not finding anything that stands out.

Any guidance would be appreciated.