Customization tab Stops

I am trying to customize the job entry screen/material detail so that the tab key takes me directly from Part to Qty/Per Parent.

I have set all of the default tabs before it to Use app styling = false( not sure if necessary) and Tab stop = false. This didn’t work.

Then I set all of the other field’s tab indexes to higher numbers and set Qty/Per to #2 and left PartNum at 1.

Still didn’t work. Have the menu set to my customization, cleared the cache. No luck.

Can you make me lucky :slight_smile:

In many forms, the form logic (based on the EpiBound field change) controls the next field targeted.

Based on what Chris said, see if you can set it to the third tab stop. TAB-TAB is better than TAB-TAB-TAB-TAB-TAB…

Or just rearrange the columns in the list view so the desired column is second.

I’ve done something similar but for a tab not a field. I changed the default focus on a tab during the form load event. I suppose one can enable a FORM field event on the target field then set the focus accordingly.

How do I get to list view? I can see the tree on the left, but I cant move anything there.

Thanks in advance.

Do you mean Job Details> Materials> Details vs. List tab? If so, I think you would need to uncheck Engineered and Released.

In the GIF below,

  1. I created a new Mtl record (via Right click and “Add Material”)
  2. After Seq 1030 was created I hit tab once to get to the PartNum field
  3. Enter the Part Num and hit tab. This takes you to the Qty/Parent