Cycle Count assignments

Where can I manually assign ABCs for all of our parts and create the schedule?

@Ukwildcat98 Once you create your ABC codes in ABC Code Maintenance, you can use calculate ABC codes to assign to parts. There is an edit list you can run to review the results prior to updating the parts.
They can be manually edited in Part Maintenance or use DMT to update or add the ABC assignments.

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Thank you for your help. How can I get the DMT? I have several thousand parts and we want to manually assign ABCs for various reasons.

Data Migration Tool is an Epicor application and run outside of Epicor. Check with your CAM if you’re licensed for it.
Once you access the DMT, you can use the template builders to create your import files. That looks like data dictionary and you select fields. It will show you which fields are required. (Company, part, site etc).