Cycle Count Schedule Maintenance and Perform Part Selections

I am trying to get everything set up for Cycle Counting, however when I “Perform Part Selections”, in Cycle Count Schedule Maintenance, it is pulling all parts into 1 Cycle Count Period, rather than distributing them among the 11 remaining months of the year.

Also is there a way we can avoid this all together and only enter all parts manually (or Paste Insert) into a new Count Group each time we Cycle Count?

I think you can set up manual cycle counts. Have you set up your ABC codes and calculated those?

If this the first time ever using it then it will try to count everything.
You need to set up your ABC codes to the frequency you want each code counted then run the calculate ABC codes.
this will make it so every part wont get counted during every cycle.
The system keeps track of the last count date and uses that with the ABC code frequency to know when to pull that part into a cycle again.
If you have never counted in epicor with the cycle count tool, the system has no date on last count date, so it thinks everything needs to be counted.
If you dont want to count everything, you can edit what parts are in the cycle before you start counting.

Do you still do the “Calculate ABC Codes”, if we set ours up manually?

no you dont have to.

There is a good training in epicor education if you have that. If not HELP has some good information too.