Cycle Count tolerance not recognizing write down

We are having an issue with the cycle count process believing an item is within tolerance, when it is outside of tolerance. We set a test. We have 5% as the tolerance at the ABC code level. All have 5%. These are the only codes in our TEST environment. We counted one item at a write down of -4%. We counted another item at a write down of -27%. We also did an item to add 3% and add 12%. The cycle count maint and cycle count reason screens both show only 1 item out of tolerance. The +12%.

Epicor 10.2.600.18 does not understand 5% to mean plus or minus 5%.
Do we have something set incorrectly?
I do not see that this is a problem other people are seeing.

I’ve wondered this, too. I’m curious if you find anything.

I actually didn’t try to investigate it to death, for once (what has happened to me?), so I didn’t even think about it being a positive-only thing. But that might explain it.

Cycle counting was put in place and I assumed it worked through our upgrade. The clerk finally put her hand up asked for some help.

Epicor Support said they were tossing this over to Development.