Cycle counting in 10.14

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I am a new user to Epicor and I am trying to do a cycle count in 10.14. I know how to set it up and run reports but their are some clouds that my coworkers and I are trying to clear up. For instance, what would be the proper ABC set up for a manufacturing company? What does the quantity tolerance actually mean? & What drives the cycle periods?
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Could you help me out? I am trying to do cycle counts that is a week long, each week. My coworkers and I are confused about the cycle period. I have a cycle count period called Getting there and I have it starting on 8/22/2017 - 8/24/2017. The Period is at 24 and I was explaining to them that once period 24 is complete then the it moves to period 25 under Getting there and etc until we finish the cycle count period of 26. We were wondering what drives the cycle periods? And what would be the proper way of setting up ABC for a manufacturing company?

I am a technical consultant don’t know much about Cycle Counting, have you tried searching the site? I am sure this question has been answered here before.

Do you happen to be licensed for Epicor Education? There is a really good course on Cycle Counting that would cover all your questions and more.

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I don’t think that we do. I’ve tried to youtube it but nothing.

There is also a pretty good description in the 10.1.400 User Guide:

Cycle Counting (including ABC classification and tolerances) starts on page 949.

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