Dashboard/BAQ Behind "PO Change Suggestions" Form

Might anyone know what system dashboard, and/or BAQ component serves the “PO Change Suggestions” form and can that component be modified to add more information to the grid view:

The raw data comes from the SugPODtl table, and the grid in the List column is built-in to the PO Suggestions program itself. If you open the form in Developer mode, you can get a listing of all the available fields (not all of them are visible by default), but adding to the grid is complicated. If the changes you need to make are items that AREN’T available on the grid already, you’d probably be better off writing your own.

Thanks, Ernie. I figured it might be a bit complicated, since it appears to be part of the underlying program, rather than associated with an available “consumer-level” dashboard. I appreciate the info and will flag your response as the answer.