Dashboard Creation

Looking to create a dashboard with the following data. I have done a lot of SSRS reports and am comfortable with creating BAQS but am starting to get involved in dashboard creation.

Customer PO Number
Customer PO Release # and Line #
Customer Number
Company Part Number
Due Date
Qty Ordered
Qty Shipped
Qty Open
Price Each
Open Value to Ship
Parts in Inventory
Open Job Number for part number
Qty on Job
Job Due Date

Start with making a BAQ that has all the fields you want. You can then attach the BAQ to a dashboard. CodaBears has some videos online (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rwp9cN5GZ8U) about dashboards and using BAQs. Epicor Education also has resources on making dashboards.

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If you make a BAQ that shows the data you want, then creating a dashboard from it is trivial. Just go to Dashboard, create a new dash. Add your BAQ as a new query. Then use Tools > Deploy > Preview. to see how it works. Next you can add in tracker views, charts/grids, and other elements as needed. Give it a shot, it is easier than you think! :slight_smile:
Good luck!

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