Dashboard Customization not Matching Between Normal and Developer Mode

Good morning Mega-Minds! I’ve run into an issue with an existing dashboard that I’m trying to change. The department this is for wanted smaller buttons and text fields resized and moved. It’s pretty basic stuff really. But Epicor has decided to make it not so easy. I have a customization called Parts that is set in the menu…


I made the requested changes to this customization on the dashboard. The buttons are smaller and the text fields have been resized and moved. When I load the dashboard in Developer Mode, it looks correct…

But, when I restart Epicor and clear the Client Cache, then load the dashboard in normal mode, the buttons are right, but the text fields go back to where they were…

Has anyone ever seen this happen before? If so, do you know of a fix? Thank you for your time and any help you can provide.

Acouple things.

  1. I find it odd the dashboard field isn’t populated. This is an assembled dashboard correct?
  2. Did you clear the cache through the application or the better way?
    Clear cache, repeat, IIS reset for deploy dashboard to stick - #8 by Randy
  3. any personalizations you can purge for your users?
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Did you save your customization with a new name and forget to update the customization in menu maintenance? That would make the menu load in the previous version of the customization which doesn’t have your changes.
If all else fails, delete your dashboard and customization. Then reimport them, redeploy them, and then reapply the customization and recreate your menu item.

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Hey @cfinley,

  1. Yes, it is an assembled dashboard. The lack of data in the first image was because I had just closed out the developer window. The second image shows the dashboard in normal mode.
  2. I cleared the cache through the application, plus restarted Epicor. I’ve also tried deleting the DLL file like mentioned in the link you posted, still not working.
  3. I deleted all of the personalizations for this customization, but that didn’t fix it either.

Thanks for trying to help out.

Hey @NateS,

I did not save customization with a new name. I simply edited the existing Parts customization and saved it. Everything looks perfect when I load the dashboard in Developer Mode, but only half of the the changes are correct (the button size changes) when I load the form normally.

I think I’m going to have to export everything, and do the delete method you mentioned. Thank you for your help.

I may be way off base here but this kind of sounds like one of the 1000 times I forgot to re-deploy.

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So I have finally discovered what was causing this issue! It turns out that there was a customization that was on the Tracker View of the dashboard that was interfering with my deployed dashboard form customization. So I had to remove the Tracker View customization in order to get everything to work. Here’s what I had to do to fix this issue:

With the dashboard loaded, I right-clicked on the tracker view that was customized and selected the ‘Customize Tracker View’ option…


Next, I clicked the Tools menu option and selected the ‘Custom XML Editor’…


I went to the ‘Custom Properties’ tab and deleted all the rows there…


Then I went to the ‘XML View’ tab and highlighted and deleted all the text there…


When finished, I could open the tracker view properties and see that the Customized label was gone and I could edit like normal…


I hope this helps someone out there. :slight_smile: