Dashboard Image Display

Hi all!

Does anybody know if it’s possible to display an image in a dashboard?
I assume if at all, it would need to be done on the BAQ side. I’ve managed to pull xfileattch and xfileref and looked through some of those tables, but I just ended up with the image code and path, but nothing to execute the file.

Has anybody gotten around this issue before?


Try this. The URL viewer will show web pages, but it can also show other file types. I’ve used it before to show PDF’s from a network file system. It should use whatever viewer your computer has set to see the type of file you end up with. You can build the address using tokens which can pull pieces, (or all of it) from your BAQ, so it will publish/subscribe to the row you have selected in the BAQ


Hi @peteradams ,

I guess you want to show part images (or even employee images) right?
If that is the case, I suggest this solution (in this, there will be an image holder and as you click on different rows, image changes):

If you want to show them in the table itself, then maybe this is what you are looking for:

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Thank you both for your help,

I’ll try both methods and let you know how it goes!