Dashboard New Records

I have a dashboard that is using one of my UD tables. I cannot add more than one record at a time, I must click save before adding a new record. I can update more that one record at a time without a problem.

Is this not allowed or am I missing something?

Is the “Allow Multiple Dirty Rows” box checked on your BAQ?


It is, both “Allow New Record” and “Allow Multiple Row Update” are checked. I can update multiple records at one time but I can’t add multiple records at one time.

Actually, in the dashboard you are better off unchecking the allow multiple row update (on the BAQ). When you do that, it will automatically save when moving to another row in the dashboard. Then you can paste insert many rows. It just does them one at a time in the back end. It’s kind of counter to how the BAQ works. (Just make sure you hit save on your last row before closing)

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