Dashboard Parameter Link - Help Needed

We have a dashboard that we are trying to get built. This dashboard is powered by two BAQs. The first shows the standard cost at each operation for labor, burden, and subcontract. The second BAQ shows the standard material cost at each operation. The reason for the second BAQ was to keep the labor, burden, and subcontract costs from exploding when there are multiple materials distributed at a single operation. Both of these BAQs have a parameter for “Master Part” which is the part we are trying to look at the standard cost for. When ran separately these BAQs work flawlessly. When we try to bring both these BAQs into a single dashboard we start to run into issues.

Issue #1:
Firstly, when the dashboard is refreshed it creates two separate prompts for the two parameters. Not a big deal for us, but the end-user only wants to have one prompt if any.

Issue #2:
If the dashboard is refreshed and either of the parameters for the BAQs are not filled out Epicor hard crashes and refuses to respond. This same problem happens if you hit cancel or leave the parameter blank.

Issue #3:
If we try to create a link for the second BAQs parameter neither prompt shows up and the dashboard refreshes as blank and refuses to return anything. Once the parameter linkage is broken the prompts immediately start working again.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

Remove prompts from BAQ and use the Tracker view in the dashboard and then publish and subscribe the two BAQs

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Gave that a shot and it doesn’t seem to work in this senario. The BAQs both have a recursive CTE union. For more info on how it works check out @Doug.C 's example when he showed me how to build them:

More or less the BAQ has to have a parameter in order for it to create a limited amount of returns. Otherwise, it just creates an indented BOM for every part ever and there is little to no traceability on what came from where.

I ran into this today. This is still the case in 2023.1.x

It appears that a CTE breaks the Kinetic dashboard. I have a dashboard and it will populate as long as I completely mess up my BAQ and destroy my data structure. Yeah, CTE do not appear to be supported, or at least not properly supported in Kinetic dashboards. Every time I try and move Kinetic, I feel pain and go hide in my classic cave.

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Have you tried publishing from the first to run BAQ, then subscribing the parameter to the published field? Go into the dashboard query’s properties and go to the parameters tab and subscribe.

You can also increase the CTE results recursion limits if you run into it. Create a new Top Level above any other level to pull in the final results (there’s a weird bug with how it writes the parentheses in the pseudo-sql query), then add a option to the SubQuery criteria. Pick some criteria that’s always true such as "NOT FIELD1 equal to ‘alkdjfelkrjla’ but instead of setting it to a constant, do an expression that is ‘alkddjfelkrjla’ option (maxrecursion 5000) <— number being what you want the limit to be, by default the max layers of recursion are 100 depth from the top, not 100 breadth.