Dashboard published empty/null field causes other related query not working properly

Hi There,

I have a dashboard with 2 queries in it. First query is to show the summary while the second query is to show the details of the selected line in the summary query.

Unfortunately, the publish field from 1 of the lines in summary query is either empty or null has caused the second query to fetch incorrect data.

By checking at the SQL Server Management Studio, the query does return result if the publish field is ‘’ (empty), but does not return any result if the publish field is null.

Please advise what should I do in order to show the details in the dashboard for field which is empty or null.

Thanks in advance.


Just to make sure you are looking at the properties of the dashboard query, not the dashboard grid properties.

Your first dashboard query you publish like the following.

The second dashboard query you filter on the fields.

Hi Ken Nash,

Yes. My dashboard did publish and subscribe as per your examples.
Just that my first dashboard is publishing an UD field which is null-able.
When the published field is Null, the second query won’t show anything.

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Here is the second snapshot

query 1 returns null for UD field because there is no record, I am guessing you are using a left join.

query 2 the UD field is that the detail of the table with the UD field, I am guessing you are using a inner join or showing just one table. There is no null value summary then.

That is why there are no records shown in the summary then. If what I am assuming is the case.

Hi Ken Nash,

Both queries are using inner join and individually query 2 able to show null value.
Only when linking both query where query 2 rely on query 1 input, query 2 won’t show result if query 1 input is null or empty.

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can you post the queries?


Hi Ken,

It’s OK. We manage to solve it.
What we did is changing the published calculated TranDate to NVarChar, then the query 2 able to show the data.

Thanks for helping.

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