Dashboard status bar to show Site

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Multi Site company want to display the Site in the status bar of my newly created dashboard.

The Global options for status bar has Status, Site, Date, Time all ticked. After pressing Ok, the status bar still only show Date and time only, see picture.

So I tried to personalize the status bar, and this is what I got:

Dashboard Personalisation 2018-09-17_17-17-34.mp4 (1.4 MB)

Check company

Nope, won’t appear.

Here are the options I have selected and I get my company each time.


Maybe check to make sure personalization are turned on.


You may also want to disable the BPM you did. It may be causing an error.

For screen like Order Entry, the Global Options work. I can see the Site ID

But for dashboard, such as Sales Person workbench, only date and time appear in the status bar.

I just looked at my dashboards and I did not realize they were not there as well. It may be that dashboards do not have that ability. I know that the BAQ will show it and you can select cross-companies so that may be why it doesn’t show. You typically select the company you want to run the dashboard.

Verified with Epicor support, development team will work on it.

As a work around, I decided to put the Plant ID on the MainController Text up the top separated by a ‘-’ via customization of the form.

private void MainController_Load(object sender, EventArgs args)
	string plant = ((Ice.Core.Session)oTrans.Session).PlantName;

	MainController.Text = MainController.Text + " - " + plant ;

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Good to know. Thanks for the information.

This bug has been fixed in 10.2.500.12