Dashboard subscribing query doesn't see publishing query

I have a dashboard with a subscribing query. When I go to set the filter - so that the subscribing query is limited by info from the selected line in the publishing query - that query doesn’t show. Yet another one does.

The pict below shows the Query Properties \ Filter for the subscribing query. But the values available only show for a different dashboards publishing query.

I’m guessing that the problem happened when I “duplicated” the dashboard (copied CK-ShippingSchedule to CK-ShippingSched_V3) , and the main query’s BAQ (copied BAQ CK-ShippingSchedule to BAQ CK-ShippingSched_V3.

I then updated the main query in dashboard CK-ShippingSched_V3, to use BAQ CK-ShippingSched_V3.

I didn’t make a copy of the "sub"dashboard’s query as there were no changes required. So the subscribing query in new dashboard (ending with _V3) just needs to have it filter settings updated to point to the new publishing query.

I’ve even tried deleting the subscribing query from the dashboard saving it, closing it, and then re-adding it. But the filter values still reference the original main query.

I’ve never run into that, but I would start over on. The dashboard now that the BAQs are copied.

That’s what I was thinking (i.e. - afraid of).