Dashboard Test Application Error

I have created a dashboard that that have a few BAQ’s that publish and filters. The data showed in the dashboard grid views are displayed correctly as intended. But before deploying, when I Test the application, I get this error:

No errors in the individual BAQ’s as well.

Does anybody know where I can start to resolve this Issue?


I’m not great at this myself but I’ll offer some help. I think, starting in E10, most of the error information is kept on the server for security reasons. You can start by going onto the server where Epicor is (I’m assuming you’re on premises) and opening the Event Viewer. Drill down into App and services logs click the Epicor App Server. You should be able to find the error and a more detailed description of what failed there. HTH.

Do you have any BAQs that have ‘.’ in a name?
Example: “ThisBAQV2.5”

Hi, Sorry I missed this. I was out of the office for a couple of days. No, I don’t have any BAQs with a period in the name. The only special characters I use in naming BAQs are a dash “-” or an underscore “_”.
Were you able to find the error details?

Hi Rick, Thanks for following up.

Haven’t been able to check further yet. I’ll give an update as soon as I come back to this problem.