Dashboard Tracker Filter -- Matching not matching E10.2.300

Hey there,

On the quote dashboard I have a header-level calculated field with a tilde-delimited list of quote line statuses. The filter is set up as “matches.” The problem is that it’s not matching, even if I use wild cards.

In the following image I’ve entered the filter value "%HOLD%, but have not yet hit refresh:

After the refresh:

I’ve tried asterisks as well.

The tracker:

Bug? Operator error?



I think the match would be “opposite” of what you want.

Possible values in the UDField: Q001, Q002, Q003, Q004, S001, S002 (one of these)

Trying to select just records with UDFfield being: Q002 OR Q004 OR S002, cannot be done with a wild card.

In a BAQ, you could use Can you use IN as a criteria. like

WHERE UDField IN ('Q002', 'Q004', 'S002')


I think I misunderstood your original post.

The BAQ returns a tilde delimited list, and you want records that have a particular word or phrase in the tilde-list?

Hmmm … seems to work with either * or % for me.

Here’s the unfiltered data:

Here’s the filter I added in the Tracker

And here’s the results using *B0603*

You are hitting “refresh”, and not just tabbing out of the field? :wink:

I’ve been known to do something like this, but yes, I’m doing a refresh all.

I’ve used this before, but wondering if there’s a bug in this version. Once upon a time, you didn’t need wildcards to do something like this.




Just answered my own question. Doh.

That list is getting set in a updatable query BPM, so it’s not set when the filter runs. Will have to do it a different way.

Thanks for your effort!


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