Dashboard Tracker - Need Project ID combo but Getting Project Desc

I have a dashboard for part transactions on jobs with a tracker panel for filtering by project. The tracker is supposed to be for Project ID via a combo box. However, instead of showing Project IDs in the dropdown, it displays the project descriptions. If I type the project ID in the combo box, it finds the appropriate project and the box displays the description. I would like to see the IDs in the dropdown, though.

I’ve looked all over the tracker customization screen, verified it is referencing the Project ID column in my BAQ, and even tried deleting and re-adding the tracker.

Does anyone how/where to change this?

You should be able to change the field that is used as the DisplayMember (as opposed to the ValueMember). If not, you may have to add that field to the Tracker View manually.

Yeah, it is similar problem as I struggle before.

It feels like there is something special about ProjectID.

For me, I wanted a textbox for Project ID, so I ended up creating a calculated field called Calculated_ProjectID. then the control that comes into the Tracker is the one that I wanted.

Hi Jason, thank you for the reply. Where is the DisplayMember setting? I don’t see a place in the tracker customization to change this; I only see that it is linked to the ProjectID value in the BAQ.

Hi, thank you for the reply. I agree; it does seem there is something special about ProjectID. I tried adding a calculated field to my BAQ and then adding a combo box in the tracker linked to that value. However, my combo is not listing the IDs (or anything at all). Is this similar to your solution - add the calculated field to the BAQ?

In the BAQ, Update Tab, there is a “Advanced Column Editor configuration”, you can then change the Editor Type for the field, if you make it as a drop down list, you can change the data from.