Dashboard Tracker view as a general filter

I am trying to create a simple Dashboard to display a list of Jobs and their status.

So I created a Project filter query up the top as a general dashboard filter. This is where user put in all the filter information. I want only one tracker view in the whole dashboard.

So when nothing is typed in, the Jobs Not completed shows all the jobs.

The problem I have here is when the user type in Project ID (the text box is an input prompt) in the Tracker View and press refresh, it then select one Job and Part while my input prompt for Job and Part are still empty.
And because the bottom query is subscribe to the trackerview query, only 1 Job is returned in the bottom query.

What I expect to see is that when the user only type in the Project ID, it should show all the jobs for the project are listed in the bottom query.

Do I have to create a query with the empty combination for the Job number and Part ? Is there a better way of doing this?

Hi Toby, from what i can see i think you linked (publish&filter) the JOB column of your two queries. please try linking the Proj ID.

I just didn’t display the Project ID in the bottom query.

The query at the bottom subscribe to the query from the top.

Ok, just so we’re on the same page. can you please show us a screenshot of your publish/filter view?
somthing that look like this.

Thanks, I see you have linked the jobnum of the two queries.
i would suggest to remove this and try to link Proj ID.

Well, the Tracker view suppose to be a filter. First, the user will type in Project ID first to see the list of Jobs. Next the user will type in Job to refine the list further.

What I am saying is, how do I get the subscriber to filter based on what they have typed in the input prompt.

oh, i see. hmm that’s a good one i will try to simulate and research. if i find an answer i’ll let you know.

Hi again, i ask a friend on mine and he says it is quite impossible to do what you wanted on this set-up since the filter will only affect the main query (AP-ProjTest:Project) but your secondary query will only be relying on the information on the rows of your Main query. And since you link those 3 parameters it will always show a result that matches the criteria regardless if there are entries on the Job or Part.

By the way, is there any reason why you separated these 2 queries? i think you can make these into 1 query.
If you have it in 1 query it will be easier to use the filter and get what you want.

I am planning to put a few different query underneath the advanced filter query. But looks like that cannot be done.

You can filter it that way using a customization. (I’m not saying it cant be done right in the dash - I just dont know how)

I am not sure of the efficiency but in short. OnKeyPress of the textbox something like

myGrid.DisplayLayout.Bands[0].ColumnFilters["MyColumn"].FilterConditions.Add(FilterComparisionOperator.StartsWith, myTextBox.Text);
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