Dashboard Tracker View Input prompt data to use as input data

I have a Dashboard with one Update-able query (UBAQ).

I created a TrackerView to allow user to filter the data. So the user type in the information about the Load Date.

What I want is when the user tick a tick box in the Update-able BAQ, the Need By date which is a column field in the returned row be changed to the Date the was input in the Tracker View. I can do a BPM and run custom code when the user tick the box. But I cannot get the Date field that is in the Tracker View.

Anyone has any ideas or suggestion please let me know.

Just spitballing … Can you make the NeedBy updatable in the BAQ, leave the field in the grid as not updatable, and add code to change the NeedBy in the grid when that checkbox changes from cleared to set

When you say “add code”, do I do customisation of the deployed dashboard or custom code in BPM?

Pretty sure it would have to be a customization, as a BPM or DD wouldnt have access to that tracker field

Why aren’t you using “Input Prompts Only”? I think you need two tracker views. One to display the data and the second to Search/Filter the data.

In the TrackerView up the top, they are input prompt only.

To clarify further, what I want is when the user has specified the Load Date in the Tracker View.

When the user tick one of the line in the Grid View, I want to be able to use the Load Date data from the Date control there.

For example, When the user tick Ship Pending for Order 1000, line 1 and save, I want the Need By Date to change to 31/07/2018

some pointers!!

In the Updatable BAQ > … Advanced BPM Directive Configurations, FieldUpdate change event method directives , you can write code to invoke Sales order BO and call ChangeNeedbyDate method.



If Screen Mod:
Add field change event, call the sales order bo and invoke changeneedbydate method.


There may be another way of doing it, but so far in these situations I’ve always ended up adding a customization to the deployed dashboard. That way you can hook into a grid event to capture the tick, get the date and put it where you want it, and the Updateable BAQ can handle the save.

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Thank you all for support, I have a few more things to try…