Dashboard with multiple queries with parameters. Can I use one tracker?

I have a dashboard with multiple queries that calculate margins, markups, etc over a specified period. Each query takes a start and end date as parameters. Can I use one tracker to pass data to all queries? I currently have the tracker setup on the first query, but the parameter dialog pops up for each of the other queries. I have a division combo box in the tracker that I publish and subscribe to in the other queries, that works fine. I need the parameters because of the aggregate calculations. Any ideas?

Yes, you can. The key is to pick the first query, and publish the field you want the others to link off of. Then, on them, you filter so your item is equal to the published item from the first query.

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That will only work with filters, not parameters. If you can do what you need with just filters, then yes it will work. If you need them to be parameters (which is sounds like you do), that technique will not work.

This might be an option for you. Some code involved, and I have not tried it myself yet.

The BAQ markup option sounds like it might work in your use case of setting start and end dates. You might be able to get away from any popups at all.

I do need parameters for the aggregate functions, filtering will not work. I will check out the BAQ markup idea and see if it works. Thanks