Dashboard won't load data only for one user

I deployed a dashboard today and multiple users can use it accept for one. There are no permissions or security issues I can think of that are attached to the BAQ or the Dashboard. I have cleared the .dll files, logged in and out, no luck. Oddly, if a different user logs into the same computer, it starts to work. Only this user can not access it.

Screenshot of the white area showing no result here:

Did you clear the client cache?

Territory security could be at play here…


@tfenwick11 - yes, client cache was cleared. Still nothing.

@josecgomez - Ah! So as an example if this user didn’t have access to a territory that a customer result in the BAQ was displaying, it wouldn’t load?



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Being the victim of the Territory security back in my early E9 days rings a very clear bell. :bell::bell::bell::bell::bell::bell:

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For now I just took the Customer table out of the BAQ. Any ideas on how to get a supervisor (Work Force) authorized to a Customer that is already tied to a different work force (Salesperson)?

You need to make that user an authorized user on all the “users” he supervises (workforce)

Oh yeah and the the Ol “need to make an authorized user of a sales person/workforce so I can update stuff”

On that note if you want to allow others to update tasks and CRM calls you they need to be an authorized user of the salerep that updated it.

Always thought it was funny that the menu item is Workforce, but the table behind the scenes in SalesRep.