Data BPM Missing UD Columns?


I’m really having an issue getting a couple new UD columns to be available to reference in a data BPM.

I’ve regened the DB, recycled IIS twice now, and I still do not see the full list UD fields available to select from when making a new condition (or even SET FIELD).

The field in question is available in Method BPM, and I’m able to see the field in the table view through SSMS.

We’re version 10.2.600.13

What is the ud table and the base table? Glad you posted version, initially saw the one next to your profile and would have blamed 10.0 :smiley:

@Andrewpech I tried to use the old ways to get to the UD table data and none of them work anymore so unless you can see the field there is not a workaround that I am aware of.

Searching for ud data on EpicCare comes up with some nice guides on the regen process a lot of stuff to check. Apparently if the button is yellow you can now hover over it and it will give you information on why it is not able to sync.

I would probably add another field to that table and regen again to see if the issue was the other fields or the table. As an aside if you made a change to the field like type or character length I have seen that make the syncing do weird things. I have had to delete the field, regen, recycle all app pools, add it back and then regen again recycle all app pools again to get it to look right.

This help?

Or possibly …

So wild this came through. Friday evening for the heck of it I decided to add one more UD column to that table. Only then did the two missing ones that were giving me all this trouble finally showed up (no regen, recycle, or restart)

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