Data Directive alternative?

Version 8.03.410

Since data directives do not exist for version 8. Is it possible to mimic one somehow in version 8? We need a bpm to fire off a in-transaction type data directive on the POHeader table.

Thanks for any help!

Did BAMs exist? You can write a .p file to do whatever you need and trigger from a BAM. I saw people using BAMs in E9 where it should have been a Data Directives. I assume it was a carryover from Vantage.

BAM’s definitely work in V8. Setting the condition is straightforward. Some actions are too (like global alerts). If you need to do anything complicated you’ll need to use ABL code (or is it 4GL?) in a .P file

Using BAM, you can do. There is a Epicor sample .p program available under Server/UD/Test folder on how to create it.

@SpeedOfLight If the samples in the sample directory don’t look like what you need let me know. I have one PODetail that would be close and several others that I basically used as DDs.