Data Directive fire from different data directive

I have two BPM’s. One on UD103 and one on UD103A.

The code on UD103 looks for a field change then updates related records on UD103A. The BPM on UD103 is firing and modifying the UD103A records. But the data directive on UD103A does not fire at all when its records are being modified. I placed a log directly after the start and I can see nothing is happening.

I am just doing direct DB edits since its just UD tables. Do Data Directive BPM’s not fire on records that are modified by using the direct editing method DB.103A.Insert() not fire?

If you don’t use the BO’s the BPMS/ DD won’t fire you should always try to use the BO’s when possible.

That’s what I thought. I was able to get away with this in E9, apparently not in E10 though.