Data Directive

hello on our epicor we have a data directive that when the order is marked as shipped on customer shipment entry it prints which works fine this has now stopped working on the portable scanners EMW when they mark it as shipped it does not print

Is it just when the portables scanners mark it as shipped, but still works from a workstation entry?

If so, look at the Data Directive to see if there is anything in a condition block that might make it user or computer dependent.

And check what condition is used to determine if it should print. It might be something simple like

When ShipStatus changes from any to SHIPPED

But that would fire multiple times if it ever had to be “unshipped” (say to change an address), the “re-shipped”. As that status would go from OPEN -> SHIPPED -> CLOSED -> SHIPPED, thus printing twice.

If it is more complicated like

When ShipStatus changes from OPEN to SHIPPED

That would only fir the first time.

Now if the scanners introduces staging, the status go along the lines:
OPEN -> STAGED -> SHIPPED And that would fail the condition looking for it to go from OPEN to SHIPPED.

this is how its set it works fine on the pc but when they press ship on the scanners it does not print

Does the ShipHead.ReadyToInvoice flag get set when it is shipped by the scanner?


Also, it looks like the AutoPrint is set to use a client printer. The scanner probably doesn’t might not have access to the client specified.


yes if they mark it as shipped on the scanner it changes it to shipped on the pc its just the scanner version of customer shipment entry