Data for Address Labels


I am in the process of writing custom code for a button that I've
placed in the customer maintenance form (ship to detail). The
purpose of my button is to facilitate printing an address label on a
dedicated label printer (Dymo LabelWriter Turbo 330). To accomplish
this, I would like to "read" the value of fields in the form and
display them in a text box so my users can cut and paste the text
into the label printer.

Being new to the world of Vantage VB I need guidance:
1 - How to reference the value of a field in the form
2 - I will also need to reference values from the parent form
3 - Once I build a string with the necessary address fields, I will
then want to place the result in a new text box on the form.

Can anyone help? Or steer me towards documentation on the Epicor