Data Not Showing in SSRS

I added an UD table and field to a report. Works great…mostly. There are some reports that the UD field doesn’t populate in. The difference seems to be if there are multi-lines or just a single line. I want all lines of the UD field to show. How do I get that done at the bottom of the page?

What do you mean you added a UD table to the report? Are you saying you added UD01 etc. to a report?

Did you add it to a BAQ that feeds a BAQReport or did you add it to a report data definition?

Waht I am meaning to say is:

I add UD16 to the SOPick report in order to pull in specific data we are storing there based on Order Number. It is currently setup in the SSRS query, for the report, as Left Outer Join Ud16 to OrderHed where Ordernum=Key1. I have it pulling in some data not very little. Most will not populate. Not sure why.

One thing I did notice is that Key1 is NVARCHAR and Ordernum is INT. Would this cause the issue? In a BAQ, this does not cause an issue, but not sure on the SSRS level.

I’ll get back to you Will.

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Just checking if you did the following:

  • add UD16 table to the RDD
  • add relationship in RDD (OrderHed/OrderDtl to UD16)
  • update query in SSRS
  • add the UD16 field(s) in SSRS’s field list
  • display the new field(s) in the SSRS report

Will, follow Drago’s list of things to check.

Make sure that in the SSRS .rdl query you are also doing a left outer join.

Furthermore, in the tablix that you are showing the data in, you have to pay attention to the grouping, what it’s grouped by. Grouping by only certain fields would get rid of multiple rows in certain cases.

@Dragos @utaylor

I didn’t create this, just editing, and didn’t think to confirm the Relationship. Saw ti was linked to a different field. Once it was changed, it worked. Feel sheepish for not checking first. Thank you for the reminder!