Data Part - Monthly Charge


I have a situation where a customer can order a piece of hardware and a data subscription for a monthly charge for 24 months.

My current idea is to set it up as a part that has ‘Quantity Bearing’ set to false and add it as a line on order entry. Thus an typical order would have the hardware and the data subscription.

I can process the order the AMM right up to customer shipment entry.

I then generate the invoice for the shipment, however, I need the invoice line for the data subscription to be recurring every month for 24 months, and then recurring option can only be set at invoice level.

This means that I manually need a create a new recurring invoice for the data subscription.

I think I can do something with a directive to automate the invoice creation, but I just wondered if anyone had any better out of the box solutions to this?



You could look at advanced billing. Create the second line, with 24 releases. A release for each month.
You would advance bill the on this first of the month. this would hit deferred, but you may not want to do that. Then you would ship and then end of the month , this would create an invoice which you release the to amount to revenue. etc.

service contract module > invoing/coverage?


Thankyou - looks like the way to go.

The limitation in using Service Contract is only one line invoice will be generated irrespective of the number of lines in the Contract. I am using Serice Contract only as a master data For one line, it will be good. But for a generic solution, the recurring invoice will be a better option.


thanks for gotcha, good to know.