Datafix workbench - Painpoint

Hi Guys,
This is just a bit of rant but maybe someone at Epicor can take note.

Every now and then we need a datafix but to get an the fix into the db admin tool and loaded into the client data fix workbench after an upgrade this is always a major issue.

The problem seems to be getting all the admin/server/client files in sync, the instructions never seem to work for the version i am on and sometimes there are missing files in the patch and I have to go hunt for another patch to find a compatible dll that is missing.

It’s a real pain in the neck considering the rest of the system just works (most of the time).

Surely you can put a better system in that doesn’t require us to manually copy the dll’s around or can do it when we do a fix/major version upgrade?

Agreed. Powershell is your friend with the movement of dlls. I would like to see a better central management tool where there is single pane of glass to manage my Epicor farm. The copying of dlls, client or server, is very old fashion and highly prone to error.