Dataset failure when adding CustCnt Table to AR Invoice Form

I'm having some issues adding the CustCnt Table onto my copy of the Original ARForm RDD in Epicor 10.1. I am trying to Link these two Tables Customer -> CustCnt. 

Here is my addition to the Original Dataset:

LEFT OUTER JOIN CustCnt_" + Parameters!TableGuid.Value + " T8

ON T6.Company = T8.Company AND T6.CustNum = T8.CustNum AND T6.PrimBCon = T8.ConNum"

I am able to add the Table on the RDD without a hitch. All my fields that i am linking by have been un-excluded from the RDD. I run the report without adding the Link in SSRS, no problems. But as soon as I try to enter in the Same Linking within my SSRS report Dataset i am unable to run the Invoice form. I keep receiving an error on my Dataset "ARForm". More specifically "T6." which is the table Alias for the Customer Table. The error seems to happen right at the point where i define what fields I'm linking by. It doesn't matter what field i use from either table first, i receive the same error occurring JUST AFTER the ON. I have also tried other tables and yielded the same results.

I'm hoping that someone will be able to give some sort of direction. 

Thanks in advance,