Dataview Added Column > Sliding Panel

I am trying to add a column to a dataview that will be referenced in a sliding panel.

From the Multi Resource Scheduling Board, that uses the SchedulingBoard dataset, I have added the CommentTxt column to the dataview (as JobHeader.CommentText is not included in SchedulingBoard dataset). I have saved and published the applicaton studio customization, but checking the data in Chrome debugger I do not see CommentTxt. I have not added values to the column yet, I am trying to get the column to appear in debug before doing so. The layer with the customization is being used, I can see it in the URL as well as other cusomizations that are part of that layer. Any help would be appreciated.

The column will not show up until you actually initialize it with something.

Is there a simple way to give it a value like β€œTest” before I go further?

Create an event that fires after GetByID and use row-update to set it.

I do not see a GetByID option, just these


There’s tons. Test and find one that works.

Ok, got that working (added CommentTxt column to SchedulingBoard dataview and giving it the value β€œTEST”) but the Sliding Panel refers to data in _SelectedJob. I cannot add a Column to the _SelectedJob dataview. When I do and save/publish it doesnt save. Can I refer to SchedulingBoard.CommentTxt using the job number when binding the data to the field on the sliding panel? Other options?

Take the underscore out of the Data Table property.