Date comparison in application studio event

I am trying to compare two dates on a conditional in an Application Studio event. I am trying to determine if a date field value is less than the current date. It isn’t evaluating to true when it should and I can’t figure out why. I’m sure my syntax must be wrong, but it doesn’t give me any kind of error. It just doesn’t work. I have found no documentation on the syntax, except a couple of entries in this forum. Here is what I have in Advanced>Param>Expression property of the condition:
{MyTable.TestDate_c}.getTime() < {Constant.Today}.getTime()

I also tried using to get the current date. Any help that you can give would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


I seem to recall you needing to wrap that in eval() or #_ _#

eval({MyTable.TestDate_c}.getTime() < {Constant.Today}.getTime())
#_{MyTable.TestDate_c}.getTime() < {Constant.Today}.getTime()_#

Ah, it’s this:

new Date('{MyTable.TestDate_c}').getTime() < new Date('{Constant.Today}').getTime()

No eval() or #_ _# needed.