Date Filtering on EDD Dashboard

I have created a simple BAQ which shows all Orders from Order Head. I have the Order Date field added. In EDD, I have created a dashboard with a several views, all based on that one BAQ. I am trying to add a filter based on Order Date with the filter specifically allowing to filter based on Year and Week No. These filters work on the individual exploration views but for some reason when i bring them into an EDD Dashboard, they wont work. As you will see from the screenshot below, non-date filters work. When i try to expand the year filter, nothing shows.

Would anyone have any thoughts?

Does you BAQ have calculated fields for just the Year, and Just the week of the OderDate?

Hi Calvin @ckrusen,

No. I havent added calc fields for year or week based on Order Date in the BAQ. The reason being is when i had them added previously, year would work in the filter in EDD but week was showing as a “measured” field and wouldn’t filter for me.