Date ranges for ShipTos

One of our customers is a retailer of low priced merchandise with over 1000 stores. Some of their stores are seasonal “pop up” stores that have a new address every year, or even every major holiday. Others just move because they found lower rent on the other side of the strip mall. In any case, we get several address changes a week. The new addresses have the same store numbers as the old addresses.

The problem is that the address changes come with dates. For example, rules like: orders placed on or before 11/12 should ship to the old address. Do not deliver to the new address before 11/20 or the delivery will be refused.

This is becoming a lot to manage. ShipTo doesn’t have any date columns, and even if I added them as custom fields, I’d need to change the uniqueness constraint on ShipTo to allow multiple records with the same ShipToNum. I’m considering writing an external program to update the ShipTo at a scheduled time and use OTS on any outstanding orders that need to go to the old address.

Has anyone else dealt with a situation like this? What did you do?