Date/Time Customization

I have a form customization where users need to provide a date and time. I’ve tried using the Modify Extended Properties options from the Tools > Wizards > Customization Wizards to change the format of the Date field to include a chance to input time as well which seems to work; however, the timestamp always reverts to 12:00 am.

Can a EpiDateTimeEditor and a EpiTimeEditor be bound to the same Date field to manage this? Or what is the best approach when needing to record a Date, as well as a specific Time on that date?

I am unsure about the answer here but I do see a public field on the EpiDateTimeEditor called EpiFormat which may do something. With that said, I am unaware of any DateTime fields which handle both Date and Time in native epicor so it wouldnt surprise me if the control wasnt designed to handle this.

A workaround would be to add a standard .NET DateTimeEditor at runtime.

You can also create your own controls to add to the ToolBox but that’s a beast in it’s own

Are you manually entering the date? Or setting it via BPM or other code? If you use Today(), it just does a date at 12:00. If you use Now(), it sets the current time. Not sure if that helps, but it’s something that I’ve messed with.

It will be a manual entry which will be a time during a future date. So the Today() and Now() expressions will not work here. I’m guessing it will just need to be treated as two separate fields: One for the date, one for the time?

Not if you use a native .NET control

DId you make a custom field for this? Or are you trying to use a native field? If you are making a custom one, I think you can specify the type as DateTime, and then the editor should follow. If it’s a native one, you might be out of luck.