DB Exploration Tool

In the past we have seen the old vantage html db explorer that we hosted it for a while. It’s a HTML website… you know the one… this thing!

I’m working on training someone new and I know this tool helped but it’s outdated, and not easy to search. It dawned on me… duh dashboard. So built it. Here you go.

WCI DB Explore Tool.dbd (591.6 KB)

Provided as-is and without warranty. If it breaks your stuff it’s not on me.

It’s designed to show your UD tables.

Their fields ext props as well

Want to know where the same field can be found elsewhere consult the x-ref

You may also perform a field lookup specifically if you like. Want to know where a field all shows up search

Want to know where those pesky dropdown values come from, what the value codes are, and where they all are in the system? search


@jgiese.wci Thanks. That thing is still my first tab and open everyday.