DB field behind Form Data View?

Is there any way to find out more info about a field in a form. A lot of time you can get the DB field from the field help, but sometimes the form is doing a little magic and it isn’t as easy as a one for one from the form field (dataview?) to the DB field.

Is there some way to figure out when this logic is? For example, on the invoice tracker below the less prepaid deposits field has an EpiBinding but no DB field. Looking at the InvcHead table itself, I don’t see a DocDspPrepDeposit field. Is there a way to see the logic behind creating that EpiBinding or some documentation out there.

Not without the SDK there’s no real way to get that information.

For what its worth it appears to be a sum of the ARPrepaymentTran table for that Invoice Number the field being AllocatedAmt


@josecgomez I know this post is old but have you found any more information on this? I need this value for some logic I’m creating. The ARPrepaymentTran table is only for Deposit Invoices, however I need the value from Shipment invoices. Here is the field from a Shipment Invoice.

What form/tab did you get that info from?

From the AR Invoice Entry/Tracker screen.

If you call ARInvoice.GetByID, the DataSet will return the field “DocDspPrepDeposit”

@EldenBenson @josecgomez is correct in that the data in in there for both transaction types. Deposit establishes the balance and then the AllocDeposit transaction type reduces the balance.

If you do an outer join from InvcHead to ARPrepaymentTran like below you will get the data. You can verify because the invoice amount will be zero, but the SalesRep commission fields will hold the invice total.

The outstanding balance of the deposit in in OrderHead.DepositBalance

select top 100 a.AllocatedAmt, a.TranType,InvoiceAmt,RepSales1,*
from InvcHead i
left outer join erp.ARPrepaymentTran a on a.RefInvoiceNum = i.InvoiceNum

I have been documenting this process for us this week. Below is my test data.