DB schema documentation for Vista 8.03 (now Epicor)

Can someone point us to, or share, DB schema documentation re: the Progress DB used on a Vista 8.03.305L install?

This is for a small machine shop with a Vista 8.03.305L and it needs to run scripts to extract data from the Progress DB. We can read data, but we don't know table and field names. Guidance appreciated.

hi PJ,
There is inside vista… (maybe) a program called Data Dictionary which you can run and talks you through the different fields in the system.

There was an old one hosted by @jgiese.wci I don’t think he has it any more

But Data Dictionary within Vista should give you what you need.

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I stand corrected he still has it.! Mind you this is for version 9 I believe however the Schema is not that drastically different.

Thank you.

Good morning Joshua. That resource you had was absolutely perfect! It seems like the subdomain epidd does not exist anymore though. 404 on that page.

Unfortunately it hit that age where the data was less and less relevant for the general populace and the technology running it was more and more risky from a security risk aspect, so we made the decision to axe it internally.


Understandable. I feel bad asking, any other way of receiving this information? Even screenshots would suffice. Your resource was the “keys to the castle” for the old progress database schema. If not I understand. Thank you for providing it to begin with!

Here is the zip package of the html files for the EpiDD site before we shut it down. I removed the ERD section that showed table images, because it was way too large of file and overall not super useful.


EpiDD.zip (3.8 MB)


Thank you so much! It truly is such a huge resource for us few still clinging onto v8. Thank you again and have a nice day.

Dos this exist for Epicor 10?


I think this may be what you are looking for

Thank you so much, YES……


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I built a dashboard in 10+ that does the same thing this old HTML did for 9. All the field defs are in the DB in ZDataTable, ZDataField, and zDataSet including UD.

DBExplorerTool.dbd (594.2 KB)


This is GREAT. Thanks SO MUCH!!