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I am looking to possibly implement a ‘lite’ version of a dealer portal so my authorized distributors can log in to view their current pricing, open order status, statements, invoices, etc. Essentially a ‘view-only’ portal that cannot receive purchase orders. From my research, Epicor Commerce Connect (ECC) or Aleran are potential options, but I would be paying for added functionality I don’t need. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

So… we do a sham version of this using SharePoint and Power Automate (aka Flow). This is M365 of course.

It is not a terribly smart implementation.

I have a SharePoint site for every dealer, and Flows update a SharePoint List from Epicor data via REST. It’s automated, but adding columns, etc., is tedious.

Today, we just show them our build schedule for their orders (we make trucks).

I did set it up for the possibility of dropping invoice PDFs in there manually, or a “news feed” for sales to tell them to buy stuff, etc. But we don’t actually do any of that yet.

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Interesting solution! Did you hire someone to set that up for you or did you do it yourself? Have any Kinetic updates broken it? Curious if you can share any of the code or setup details as that is all out of my wheelhouse.


So, I am firmly Mr. Low-Code and a believer that anyone can do what I do.

However, I see you are not yet live and new to the forum, so this could be a lot to tackle if your knowledge is like mine was 6 years ago at our go live - which was “What is this Epicor program?”

Let me dig and see what I have ready or maybe need to redact.

So, we are (roughly) our second-largest customer, which is why my company’s name is on there. But imagine this being some customer’s name

The grid is a SharePoint List - you have to know that term, “List.” It’s SP’s term for “a table with data in it.”

The list is populated every 3 hours via a Flow (Power Automate). The magic here is the HTTP step, which is a REST call to Epicor.

And the basis of it is just a BAQ. I used a parameter. Also I got fancy and used UD02 as a lookup table for “parent customers.” Reason is that we have “dealers” that might encompass 2-4 legal entities in our system. Or two of them merged or whatever.

There is a lot more to say, what with external sharing in PowerPoint and all, but this is the gist.

So… maybe that’s not too, too much?

Free advice: for about 10,000 reasons, you MUST become a whiz with BAQs to be successful in your implementation - and I am not meaning just some SharePoint integration; I mean for the whole Epicor go-live and daily use.

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Shameless plug:

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No shame zone!

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