Debit Memo for Paid Invoice


Does anyone have a recommendation on how to fix a paid invoice that was manualkly keyed to the wrong GL account?

Here are the steps we tried:

  1. I created a debit memo for the amount of the original invoice because, the wrong GL account was used when the invoice was posted.
  2. I then created a new invoice for the same amount, applied the correct GL account, and posted it.
  3. I then tried to apply the debit memo to the original invoice to clear it from aged payables, however Epicor will not allow me to do this because, the invoice has already been paid (This is where we are stuck).

We now have to figure out how to apply the debit memo to the original invoice.

Thank you

Did you try a cancellation or correction invoice?

Hi Bryan,

We are fairly new to Epicor - what do you suggest?

All we need to do is change the GL Account on the invoice - its already been posted and paid.

Tried this debit memo option but I was getting confused as it said we could not update a closed invoice.


This is for Accounts Payable in case I did not specify earlier.

You can also void the payment to reopen the invoice.


try @Jonathan’s suggestions, he is a finance module pro.

if all of this doesnt work, can you enter a journal entry to correct the gl account issue?

FYI, the correction invoice would have created the debit and new invoice in the same step. it basically zero’s out the original and reinvoices. You will see this in the action menu from AP invoice entry (also in AR Invoice entry)
not sure if it works for paid invoices.

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It seems to work fine - even though the Invoice was paid. I was able to just do a new zero dollar Invoice to flip the GL accounts and we are all good now. Thanks for the help - much easier than we thought.

Good to know - the AP corrections invoice looks like it did the trick. Thanks for replying

Happy to help!