Debug messages when developing a BPM

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I am developing a BPM and was planning to use PublishInfoMessage to help me debug my code and ensure the desired process is flowing as intended.
If my code is without error, I get all the expected messages. However, if there is a bug, I don’t get any messages that come before the bug.
I was expecting that the messages would pop up in line right up to the point of the bug but it does not seem to work that way.

Is there a better option than using PublishInfoMessage to get what I am looking for?

Here is the actual code I am using for the message:
this.PublishInfoMessage(msg, Ice.Common.BusinessObjectMessageType.Information, Ice.Bpm.InfoMessageDisplayMode.Individual, “CMI”, “CustShip.UpdateMaster”);

If you output pdbs (setup in appserver config file) you can live debug the appserver. It will stop all processing in IIS app server though so you can only do it on dev systems no one else is using.

Thanks for the input. Can you point me in the right direction to make the changes you suggested?
This is a dev server.

In your app server inetpub folder update web.config set this to true. You can then attach your visual studio instance to the appserver need to have it installed on the server or setup remote debugging. It’s a process but can be very rewarding. I don’t have detailed instructions on hand and it’s friday I’ll circle back next week lol


@joerojas In the meantime you can also use WriteEntry to get the same kind of messages we did in E9 with the Message statement. They show in the event viewer of the appserver in the Epicor App Server section.

Ice.Diagnostics.Log.WriteEntry("Email Ready ");
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I usually just use the Ice.Diagnostics.Log.WriteEntry.

Another option is…

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